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What should you watch out for when installing rubber seals in Dongguan?

The role of rubber seals in Dongguan is to close the gap in the chamber and to prevent dirt, sand and other dirt from intruding into the interior of the chamber. If rubber seals from Dongguan are improperly installed or used, it can easily cause oil leakage and affect the machine. In normal operation, a 75-a burns a bearing, breaks a gear, twists off a drive shaft, or other serious problem. When installing the skeleton oil seal, in order to prevent the oil seal lip 121 from being deformed or scratched by the oil seal, a special installation tool must be used for the Dongguan rubber seal. Without this tool, the following method can be used to install: First, in the journal or even the shaft head, roll a layer of transparent hard plastic film (commonly known as cellophane), put a little oil on the surface, the oil seal into the wrapped plastic The shaft head of the film presses the oil seal evenly to the journal, and then the plastic film is pulled out. Note: The direction of the lip must not be misplaced. Dongguan rubber seals should be oriented toward the inside of the oil reservoir. The side with the trademark and specifications should be oriented toward the outside. Because the lip 1:3 can only be sealed in one direction, if the oil is encapsulated in the opposite direction, the oil will inevitably leak and the sealing effect will weaken or fail. To avoid the use of oil seals or hammer hammers and other tools on the surface of the oil seal, otherwise it is easy to damage the seal.
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