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Rubber Mold Properties and Classification

Rubber molds are used to press metal models of rubber products. The steel is generally produced by mechanical processing according to the requirements of the drawings, and heat-treated to improve its hardness and wear resistance. The mold cavity is the same as the product structure, and the cavity size must take into account the shrinkage of different rubbers, and the size of the product can be enlarged or reduced based on the product size.
The rubber molds are divided into four major molds: press molding molds, die casting molds, injection molding molds, and extrusion molding molds, as well as special rubber molds for special rubber products such as inflatable molds, depending on the mold structure and product manufacturing process. Dipped molds and so on.
1. Pressing mold
Also known as ordinary stamper. It is to put the compounded semi-finished rubber processed into a certain shape and weighed directly into the mold, and then sent to the plate vulcanizer for pressure and heating. The rubber material is vulcanized under pressure and heat.
Features: The mold structure is simple, versatile, wide use, easy to operate, it occupies a large proportion in rubber molded products.
2. Die casting mold
Also known as transfer mold or extrusion mold. It is a compounded, simple shape, a certain amount of a certain amount of plastic or rubber block semi-finished products into the die cavity cavity, through the pressure of the pressure casting plug extrusion rubber, and the rubber through the casting system into the mold cavity In the curing stereotypes.
Features: Complicated with common die, suitable for making thin-walled, slender and easy-to-bend products that cannot be pressed or barely pressed by common die-casting, as well as rubber products with complex shapes and difficult to feed. The products produced using this mold have good compactness and superior quality.
3. Injection Mold
It is the pre-heated plastic state of the plastic injection mold injection molding system into the mold curing.
Features: complex structure, suitable for large, thick-walled, thin-walled, complex shape products. High production efficiency, stable quality and automatic production.
4. Extrusion mould
The rubber profile semi-finished products with various cross-sectional shapes are made by the molding die of the head to achieve the purpose of preliminary molding, and then after being cooled and set to be sent to the vulcanization tank for vulcanization or used as a semi-finished semi-finished rubber material required by the compression molding method.
Features: High production efficiency, stable quality, and automatic production.
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