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Application of special rubber materials

In recent years, the prices of special rubber materials have risen dramatically around the world, and the booming market economy in China has increased the price of special rubber materials by nearly 10 times. The use of waste tires and other processed fine powders, the price is only one-fourth of the original special rubber materials, making the company's production costs significantly reduced, has played an important role. The recycling of waste special rubber materials is a new type of application material emerging under the current global lack of resources, which has played an important role in all industries to alleviate the shortage of special rubber materials. Especially in the new field, it plays an irreplaceable role.
The waste natural rubber material resources are used in a wide range of applications:
One is in the building materials industry. Waterproof materials, asphalt, waterproof ointment, special rubber materials, and other materials. The second is: highways, high-grade pavement are required to incorporate a certain percentage of rubber powder, can increase the friction coefficient of the car brakes, reduce noise.
Three: stadium plastic runway, runway, golf course, gym, power distribution room, computer room, accounting room, library and other silencing, insulation places.
Four: sealing ring, conveyor belt, special rubber material tube.
Five: The soles, sports shoes, and family special rubber material flooring have become extremely popular new environmental protection materials in Europe, America, and the western countries.
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