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Dongguan rubber mold processing rubber board classification

Dongguan has a wide variety of rubber molds. The production of any kind of rubber mold for Dongguan rubber molds is a multi-component system in which the main material is combined with various compounding agents to form a multi-component system. A certain role. For example, vulcanization systems (including cross-linking agents (vulcanizing agents), co-cross-linking agents (curing agent assistants), accelerating agents, and active agents." may allow linear rubber macromolecules to be chemically cross-linked to form a three-dimensional spatial network structure. , So that the plastic viscoelastic rubber, rubber mold processing into a high elasticity vulcanizate; reinforcing filler can ensure that the rubber has the required mechanical properties, improve processing performance and reduce costs; softening plasticizers and other processing The additives can make the rubber material have the necessary technical performance, improve cold resistance, and can also reduce the cost; anti-aging agent can improve the anti-aging properties of vulcanizate, and play a protective role for various types of aging, so as to extend the use of Dongguan rubber mold life.
Raw rubber is the base material for manufacturing rubber molds in Dongguan. Rubber mold processing does not usually contain compounding agents, but sometimes it also contains some compounding agents. At present, there are no less than 100 types of rubber (including plastic-modified elastomers). If the estimate is actually more than 1,000 species by brand, the classification is roughly as follows. According to the preparation of sources and methods are divided into two categories of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The consumption of natural rubber in rubber mold processing is about 42%, and the consumption of synthetic rubber is about 58%. According to the scope of application and use of the first division of the rubber into two categories, namely the general rubber (NR, BR, SBR, NBR, EPR, CR, IIR) and special rubber (FPM, Q, PUR, AEM, ACM, CO , T, CM, CSM, etc.).
According to the type of rubber and cross-linked form, the industrial rubber mold is divided into the following categories: A class according to the function of heat and oil resistance: ordinary rubber mold, heat-resistant rubber mold, oil-resistant rubber mold, heat-resistant oil-resistant rubber mold and Weather-resistant aging rubber molds, special chemical medium resistant rubber molds, etc. The other type of rubber mold according to the degree of hardness and hardness: General rubber mold, hard rubber mold, semi-rigid plastic sheet, hard plastic sheet, microporous plastic sheet, sponge rubber, foam rubber molds.
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